September 29, 2022


Alumni’s Testimony

Shalomita Tevillah Sumito

Christopher John


Parent’s Testimony

Ms. Thessa Kaunang

Heritage is a quality school. I am grateful for my children, Lasha and Tafka, study at Heritage for they've been taught not only to be good at academics but also at their attitude. Heritage also helps building their characters. And what's most important of all is that my children have stronger faith in Jesus -- Heritage won't start the day without worshiping God first.

Thank you Heritage for everything given to my children. God bless us all.


Tessa Kaunang
Parents of Lasha (Grade 3) and Tafka (Grade 1)

I am very satisfied that my kid studies at Heritage International School. The teachers are very kind and friendly to the kids, expressive, and professional. And, praise the Lord, it is academically and spiritually excellent like no others, which is important for kids in these days. They are taught to love God first and obey His words. Thank you, God bless this school, teachers, staff, and the leaders.

Christina Maria – Entrepreneur
Parent of Joey Justin Sugianto (Grade 3)

I am very happy with Heritage International School. I think I made the best choice by enrolling Madelaine in this school. She is happier here compare to her previous school. The teachers are very passionate with the kids. Overall, I am very satisfied with Heritage International School.

Yane Halim
Parent of Madelaine (Grade 3)

Great teachers and environment. Keep up the good work!






Elvina Apandi H
Corp. Secretary & Head of Internal Relations Department
Parent of Nicholas Bastary (Grade 3) & Angela Bastary (Grade 6)

We’re so blessed for knowing & trusting our daughter to study here. Heritage is the best international school because they don’t just teaching academic buy they put God first to help all students to reach their dreams. Our daughter is getting smarter, more diligent, and more responsible for her own since studying here. The principal, teachers, and staff are full of love. Success for Heritage to rejoice in God’s name. Jesus blesses Heritage exceedingly abundantly.


Andreas & Ester Muljanto
Parents of Talitha Imanuella Christyana (Grade 10)

Heritage International School has a unique point. The school starts the day with a devotion or worshiping time every morning. I certainly think Heritage is the best Christian school in Jakarta.

David Hong
Parent of Hong Yun Seoung (Grade 1) & Shinny (Grade 5)

Ms. Yeni (homeroom of Primary 1) and the teachers in Heritage are very cooperative. Thank you very much for understand Nicholas Prasetio’s needs and teaching method. Letting Nic’s consultant to come into the class, observe and discuss how to handle the situation. Thank you very much and God bless Heritage International School.

Alfisyah Likadinata
Parent of Nicholas Prasetio (Grade 3)

Since Jessica joined the Heritage International School, she has become more confident in her personality. Heritage encourages students to raise their own opinion and respects each other. I am very proud and happy for my daughter’s improvement.

Margie Waworuntu
Parent of Jessica Maria (Grade 6)

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